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Hi! I’m Sierra.


I attended my first birth as a toddler on my family farm, eagerly squatting beside a horse of mine and rubbing her neck as she labored to push a gangly, wet foal into the world. Time and again on the farm, as I gingerly tended to wiggling bundles of foals, puppies, kittens, and chicks, I reveled in the birth process as natural, normal, and radiant. In college and graduate school, this passion for supporting birth and those who give birth led me to do research on relationships, family-building, and healthcare for women and LGBTQ+ individuals, culminating in a dissertation on the transition to first-time parenthood for lesbian couples. As I worked through these issues theoretically, I realized that I was yearning to be present for the moments I was researching — experiencing them instead of hearing and writing about them — so I began training to become a doula through a dynamic, world-changing organization. 

After becoming a BEST-certified birth doula, I founded All Bodies Birth with the mission of combining my theoretical knowledge and practical training to provide specialized birth support primarily for marginalized people. Besides my work as a doula, I am a sociology PhD, a roller derby skater, and a befriender of cats. And I am so excited to meet you! (pronouns: she/her)


“Sierra is an excellent listener, and brings her entire presence when she's hearing what you fear, hope, and imagine.”

Johnny b., second-time parent


I envision…

compassionate care that is centered on you in all your uniqueness! You deserve pregnancy and birth support that is attentive to the identities and needs of you and your family. I know that reproductive journeys do not occur independent of social context and I’m aware of how systems may disadvantage or marginalize families made up of LGBTQ+ and nonbinary individuals, people of color, religious minority individuals, people who are incarcerated, young people and teenagers, non-native English speakers, and members of other marginalized groups. I go beyond cultural sensitivity to provide truly inclusive, power-informed care that honors and values the differences among pregnant people and their reproductive needs.






Let’s get started.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is a doula?

A doula is a person who provides continuous support during labor and birth — someone who comforts, coaches, massages, and motivates! A doula serves as a touchstone throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, providing a constant and supportive presence during this tender and incredible time.

A doula uses techniques for the body and mind that are designed to create a positive and uplifting birth experience for the birthing person and their family. I am experienced with birth and excited to help each birthing person navigate their unique birth with confidence. 

What are the benefits of having a doula?

Glad you asked! I happily support any birth experiences and decisions, although adding a doula to a birth team has been shown to

  • Reduce the likelihood of a cesarean birth

  • Reduce the use of pain management during labor

  • Reduce the use of interventions during labor

  • Increase the likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal birth

  • Reduce the length of labor

  • Reduce stress and anxiety during labor

  • Increase feelings of positivity about birth experiences

what does a doula not do during a birth?

A doula is not a medical professional and thus will not perform clinical tasks like cervical exams, fetal monitoring, or baby catching. However, I do work closely with your doctor, midwife, and nurse to ensure that you have your best birth. 

A doula also does not advocate for any specific type of birth or make requests on behalf of a birthing person. I instead serve as a bridge between you and other members of your birth team. I believe that you are your own best advocate!




How will my partner(s) and a doula work together?

Doulas know birth, but your partner(s) know you — in fact, doulas and partners make a great team! I support whatever role you and your partner(s) would like your partner(s) to have in your birth, and encourage your partner(s) to bring the knowledge and history they have to the birth experience. I also support partners so they can get rest, nourishment, or some affirmation of their own! 

do you work with other birth professionals?

Absolutely! I am happy to provide referrals for many other professionals in the area. I can direct you to chiropractors, breast/chestfeeding consultants, physical therapists, massage therapists, mental health professionals, acupuncturists, and others who can help you have your best birth!

What is your radius of service?

I serve pregnant people and families in the greater Boston area. I gladly work with those planning to birth in hospitals, birth centers, and at home. Please reach out if you have questions about your specific provider or location. Please note that I do not attend planned unassisted births. 

how do i hire a doula?

When you're ready to chat more about hiring a doula, please fill out this contact form. I will be in touch about scheduling a free in-person consultation, where we will discuss your birth plans, answer any questions you might have about doula services, and go over the details of my contract. You can hire me directly at this consultation or from home within the next few days by signing a contract and paying a nonrefundable 50% deposit to secure your spot on the calendar.