Hi! I’m Sierra

I attended my first birth as a toddler on my family farm, eagerly squatting beside a horse of mine and rubbing her neck as she labored to push a gangly, wet foal into the world. Time and again on the farm, as I gingerly tended to wiggling bundles of foals, puppies, kittens, and chicks, I reveled in the birth process as natural, normal, and radiant. In college and graduate school, this passion for supporting birth and those who give birth led me to do research on relationships, family-building, and healthcare for women and LGBTQ+ individuals, culminating in a dissertation on the transition to first-time parenthood for lesbian couples. As I worked through these issues theoretically, I realized that I was yearning to be present for the moments I was researching — experiencing them instead of hearing and writing about them — so I began training to become a doula through a dynamic, world-changing organization. 

After becoming a BEST-certified birth doula, I founded All Bodies Birth with the mission of combining my theoretical knowledge and practical training to provide specialized birth support primarily for marginalized people. Besides my work as a doula, I am a sociology PhD, a roller derby skater, and a befriender of cats. And I am so excited to meet you! (pronouns: she/her)

My Vision

All Bodies Birth is committed to providing pregnancy and birth support that is attentive to the unique identities and needs of each pregnant person and their family. I know that reproductive journeys do not occur independent of social context and I’m aware of how systems may disadvantage or marginalize families made up of LGBTQ+ and nonbinary individuals, people of color, religious minority individuals, people who are incarcerated, young people and teenagers, non-native English speakers, and members of other marginalized groups. I go beyond cultural sensitivity to provide truly inclusive, power-informed care that honors and values the differences among birthing people and their reproductive needs.