Pregnancy and Preparing for Birth

Protein-Loaded Pregnancy Snacks

Learn about the Pelvis from Spinning Babies

Birth Plan Creator Tool from Earth Mama Organics

Optimal Fetal Positioning from Mama Natural

Photo by  Janko Ferlič  on  Unsplash
Photo by  Tanja Heffner  on  Unsplash


For Infants

Safe Co-Sleeping Guidelines from the University of Notre Dame

Cloth Diapering Workshops and Supplies from Diaper Lab (Somerville)

Babywearing with a Rebozo 

For New Parents

Postpartum Mental Health Self-Assessment Tool

Belly Binding Guide from BabyCenter

Breastfeeding Resources (webinars, blog posts, Q&As) from La Leche League

Breastfeeding Outside the Box, a podcast about the diverse ways families nourish their children

Postpartum Nutrition, a guide from Wholly Chloe

Placenta Encapsulation

Evidence on Placenta Encapsulation from Evidence-Based Birth

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