Your journey is unique.

Your support should be, too.


How I work

You are at the center of your process.

All types of support are customized to your needs. We’ll meet in person first to get to know one another and strategize for your journey — wherever you are, I’m here for you.


you bring the intuition, i bring the knowledge and experience.

While I specialize in birth preparation and support, I am proud to accompany you through any aspect of your reproductive journey with compassion and knowledge. I’ve got a deep bag of tricks, from Spinning Babies to academic theory, and you’ve got access to all of it.

your dream team is behind you all the way.

Every person you invite into your space should serve you as you build your family. I’ve got total confidence in you and your ability to decide what’s best for your body, your baby, and your family.


Fertility doula support

Growing your family through a pregnancy is an exciting experience, but it can be emotionally and physically challenging at times. I can accompany you wherever your path leads and help you stay grounded through the uncertainty. You might find that you could use some knowledgeable and compassionate support while considering the unique options available or desirable to you and your partner(s), preparing your body and mind for conception in a holistic and personalized way, choosing and meeting with fertility specialists, or leaning in to your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum times. Fertility doula support begins with a consultation and extends into periodic visits — including attendance at doctor’s appointments, if desired — that we arrange together as needed. My area of expertise lies in working with queer, trans, and nonbinary individuals through their fertility journey and transition to parenthood.

Investment: $50 per hour

birth preparation for modern families

One of the most effective ways to prepare yourself to be in charge of your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience is to take an out-of-hospital childbirth class. In this affirming and comprehensive class, we’ll go over the physiological — the role of your anatomy, hormones, mindset, and environment in birth — the practical — positions, techniques, and breathing exercises for making your way through labor — the logistical — options and decisions you may encounter in your birthing space — and the emotional — connecting with your body, baby, and birth during this intense time — so that you are prepared and confident to be in charge of your birth, no matter how it unfolds. We’ll also focus on the roles of those who might embark on this transition with you, be they partners, doulas, other children, or family members, and provide them with the skills and knowledge to step into their role in this journey.

Classes always affirm those who are: queer, trans, and nonbinary; single; poly or co-parenting; black, latinx, indigenous, or marginalized due to race; practicing minority faith traditions; differently-abled; and survivors of trauma or loss.

Investment: $275 for a 4-week series in a group setting (coming in November and March) or $350 for a private, 8-hour class in your home


sample visual birth plan.jpg

birth vision session

Thinking of creating a document that clearly displays your birth desires and needs to your providers? Want to talk through common options available for birth and newborn care? I can help with that!

A birth vision session includes an in-person meeting to discuss common birth and newborn care options (approximately 60 minutes) and email contact after the meeting to answer any remaining questions or to revise your plan.  For an additional fee ($25), I will provide you with a beautiful custom visual birth plan from The Birth Plan Co.

Investment: $100 (if you are a person experiencing marginalization in the medical system, please reach out to me about low- or no-cost options)

birth doula support

Birth is a powerful journey, and I am proud to walk alongside you as you navigate your needs, desires, and options for your birth. The shape of doula support looks differently for each pregnant person (here’s what other families have to say!) but is always structured to include:

  • Two prenatal home visits to build connection and prepare for your birth and postpartum time

  • Assistance creating or discussing your birth vision

  • Unlimited phone and email contact

  • On-call access from week 38 through birth

  • Continuous support during labor and delivery

  • One postpartum home visit to assist with your transition and review your birth

  • Referrals to local services like lactation consultants, pelvic floor specialists, mental health professionals, etc.

Investment: $1200



placenta encapsulation

Your placenta can be an amazing resource during the postpartum time, with potential benefits like increased milk supply, faster recovery time, and lower rates of postpartum mood disorders.  Before making this choice, I encourage you to read up on the evidence around placenta consumption and decide if it might be right for you. 

If you are interested in having your placenta encapsulated, I will: discuss your placenta needs during a phone, email, or videochat consult; arrange transportation and storage of your placenta after birth; clean and prepare it with the highest safety and cleanliness standards (and utmost respect for your placenta!); encapsulate it into 75-150 gelatin or vegetarian capsules; and deliver it to you at home within one week of your birth. I always include an umbilical cord keepsake and am happy to customize your placenta package with add-on options like placenta prints on acid-free paper, truffles, raw smoothie cubes, tinctures, and salves!

Investment: $250 (birth doula clients receive an additional $25 discount)

postpartum care

Those first few weeks home with baby are exciting, but they can also be overwhelming! Want some help wearing your baby so you can take a walk outside? Need to process your birth or vent about the frustrations of parenthood? Just need a shower and a nap with your partner while someone else cares for baby?

I give new parents a chance to rest, recharge, and reflect as they settle into a new routine. Postpartum care is customized to meet each family’s needs, but may include services like assistance with newborn care, breast/chestfeeding support, emotional support, household tasks, sibling and/or pet care, support for partner, referrals to local services, and unlimited phone and email contact.

Investment: $30 per hour



abortion support

I am proud to support the many paths and choices experienced by pregnant people. If you are terminating a pregnancy and would like the support of a doula, please reach out to discuss how I can best assist you. If you are curious about how a doula might provide support during this time, read this article to learn more.

Abortion support is always free of charge

“I cannot imagine going through labor and birth without Sierra by my side, and my husband and I are so happy with the experience. I can't recommend Sierra highly enough.”

Tess f., new parent