"Sierra is a thoughtful and lovely Doula. Through life’s transitions she brings calm and anyone is lucky to have her by their side."

— Amanda


Birth Support

Continuous birth support, provided by a BEST-certified doula who is passionate about helping you achieve your best birth!

My birth package includes:

  • Two prenatal visits

  • Assistance creating or discussing your birth plan

  • Unlimited phone and email contact

  • On-call access from week 38 through day of birth

  • Continuous support during labor and delivery

  • One postpartum home visit

  • Referrals to local services

Additionally, each birthing person receives a copy of Preparing For Birth, an interactive and practical guide to navigating the entire process. Preparing For Birth will help you articulate your desires, ask questions of your provider, and build a positive environment around your birth.

Price: $1100


Birth plan consultation

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Thinking of creating a document that clearly displays your birth desires to your providers? Want to talk through common options available for birth and newborn care? I can help with that! 

A birth plan consultation includes an in-person meeting to discuss common birth and newborn care options (approximately 60 minutes) and email contact after the meeting to answer any remaining questions or to revise your plan.  For an additional fee ($25), I will provide you with a beautiful custom visual birth plan from The Birth Plan Co.

Price: $100 (if you are a person experiencing marginalization in the medical system, please reach out to me about low- or no-cost birth plan sessions)

Postpartum Support

Those first few weeks home with baby are exciting, but can also be overwhelming! A doula can continue to provide families with positive and affirming support after birth as well. I give new parents a chance to rest, recharge, and reflect as you settle into a new routine.

My postpartum package is customized to meet each family's needs. It may include these services (and more!) in the comfort of your home:

  • Assistance with newborn care

  • Breast/chestfeeding support

  • Emotional support and any necessary referrals

  • Household tasks, including errands, light housekeeping, and some meal preparation

  • Sibling and pet care, if applicable

  • Support for partner

  • Unlimited phone and email contact at other times

Price: $30 per hour


Placenta Services


Most species of mammal ingest their placentas after giving birth and, with proper preparation and guidance, this is often a safe and healthy choice for humans as well. Your placenta can be an amazing resource during the postpartum time, with potential benefits like increased milk supply, faster recovery time, and lower rates of postpartum depression.  Before making this choice, I encourage you to read up on the evidence around placenta consumption and decide if it might be right for you. 

My placenta package includes:

  • A phone, email, or videochat consult to discuss your placenta needs

  • Transportation and storage

  • Proper cleaning and preparation by a doula trained in blood borne pathogens

  • Encapsulation into 75-150 capsules (gelatin or vegetarian options available)

  • Umbilical cord keepsake

I am happy to customize your placenta package with add-on options like placenta prints on acid-free paper, truffles, raw smoothie cubes, tinctures, and salves!

Price: $250 (birth doula clients receive an additional $25 discount)


abortion support 

I am proud to support the many paths and choices experienced by pregnant people. If you are terminating a pregnancy and would like the support of a doula, please reach out to discuss how I can best assist you. If you are curious about how a doula might provide support during this time, read this article to learn more. 

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